[accordion][apane title=”Overview”]Below are the features and facilities of Villa Taksu that will make your stay comfortable, educational and memorable.
If you have any special requests we will do our best to assist you. [/apane][apane title=”Amenities”]

TOILETRIES – Eco Friendly – Natural – Delightful!

[/apane][apane title=”Cell/Smartphone Communication”]

Indonesian cell phones work primarily on GSM system with SIMS card so if you have a GSM Triband phone which is unlocked then we can assist you with an Indonesian SIMS card to use while you are here.  Using an Indonesian SIMS card is much more economical than paying roaming charges through your home country carrier.

We also have two cell phones for loan while you are at the Villa if you do not have an unlocked GSM tri-band phone or if you would like to also use your phone.

With advanced notice we are happy to procure a SIMS card and email you the phone number so that you can give this number out as your contact number.  Please let us know if you would like an Indonesian SIMS card when your make your reservation or before your arrival so we can send you your Indonesian cell phone number.

[/apane][apane title=”For Your Comfort”]


[/apane][apane title=”Laundry”]Complimentary laundry service during your stay.

We have a professional washer and dryer at the Villa and our staff will be happy to assist you with your laundry needs. To assure the safety of your clothing we ask that you sort your laundry appropriately and to indicate if anything is not colorfast or requires special cleaning or drying settings.

When you purchase new clothing or fabric in Bali it is often not colorfast and needs to be set properly and washed separately from existing clothing.  We have many years of working with Indonesian handmade fabrics and will be happy to properly set the fabrics for you to assure they are color safe when you bring them home. If you have any questions please ask.

If you have items requiring dry cleaning we are happy to send them out to our recommended dry cleaners for an additional charge. [/apane][apane title=”Internet & Computers”]Taksu Villa has satellite broadband WiFi service throughout which can be easily accessed by your laptop, phone or iPad. While not as fast as most countries the speed is sufficient to use for Skype calls.


[/apane][apane title=”Library”]We have an extensive library of books on Bali, Indonesia and Southeast Asia as well as guide books and articles for you to enjoy during your stay. Our collection includes the best of Balinese tradition, history, architecture and village life.


There are two excellent book stores in Ubud: Periplus and Ganesha Bookshop if you wish to purchase books, magazines and maps on Bali and Indonesia.  In the links sections you will find a comprehensive selection of recommended books many of which can be found at your local bookstore or through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.   We highly recommend you read about the fascinating culture and history of Bali before your arrival so that you can better appreciate this remarkable island and its people. [/apane][apane title=”Entertainment”]The bedroom of the Riverview Suite has a full Surround Sound HD Home Theatre system with a screen that pulls down at the foot of the bed to enjoy watching movies from our extensive DVD library while in bed!

Our video library currently has 500+ titles and grows each week.  The library includes films from around the world as well as classic films on Bali from the 1930’s and 1940’s.

A music system with a charging iPod dock is provided during your stay and can be used in the suite or on the terrace.


[/apane][apane title=”Plunge Pool”]The main level plunge pool is open for guest use from 10am to 5pm. Pool towels are supplied.


[/apane][apane title=”Jacuzzi”]On the Riverview Suite terrace is a custom build 2 person private Jacuzzi which can be used either warm or cool.  Most guests prefer the cool Jacuzzi after a day in the sun.

[/apane][apane title=”Living Room”]The sunken living room of the Riverview Suite has an adjustable seating arrangement and a kitchenette.

[/apane][apane title=”Kitchenette”]The Riverview Suite has a small kitchenette equipment with a refrigerator/freezer, microwave oven, blender, coffee and tea maker, flatware and china for your convenience.

[/apane][apane title=”Stocking the Kitchenette before your arrival”]For stays of 4 days or longer we are happy to stock the kitchenette and refrigerator with your personal food and beverage preferences.  As we do not like the high prices most mini bars charge our policy is that all items are priced at current purchase prices plus a small fee for shopping and stocking.  While we offer some of the finest food in Bali at our restaurants we also realize there are time you just want to enjoy private space and snack on favorite foods.   The two major supermarkets in the Ubud area as well as several delis provide and extensive selection of local and imported foods.

Wines and other beverages are available upon request and are priced at current market prices plus a small stocking fee. [/apane][apane title=”In Room Dining”]

[/apane][apane title=”Transportation & Parking”]



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